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Message from NCSM President, Paul Gray

The Elusive Fountain of Knowledge,

It was absolutely wonderful to see so many of you in Anaheim last month! When the Conference Committee was planning the conference, we honestly didn’t know what to expect as far as turnout. It was our first conference in the fall, we are still transitioning from a pandemic state of mind into an endemic one, and we have no historical registration data to use to guide us in making predictions and planning. How do you plan a party when you don’t know how many guests you’re going to have? So, we
prayed for 1200 people and planned accordingly. Well, y’all turned up and we had almost 1600 mathematics leaders in the building!

One of the things I valued most about our time together was learning alongside everyone. I enjoyed the hugs and camaraderie, don’t get me wrong, but our purpose for gathering is to support one another in our own professional learning and leadership journeys.


As I participated in and observed the learning, I kept thinking about an idea I’ve been kicking around lately, knowledge mobilization. When you think about professional learning and networks, knowledge mobilization describes how people acquire, share, and use knowledge and information. It’s not sufficient to learn new ideas about your professional practice. For those ideas to be most meaningful, you have to actually use and employ them. Hence, the mobilization part.

I asked myself the question, where do I go for knowledge? Well, I’ve been a bookworm as long as I can remember, so I like to read to learn new ideas. I also value the practical knowledge that you can learn from other educators. When I was a classroom teacher, my department chair, Jean, generously offered her advice and guidance. Sometimes, I’d ask her to help me plan a lesson around an idea I picked up from reading or one of my grad school classes. Sometimes, I’d try a lesson in 1st period and then quickly seek her counsel on how to fix it for 2nd period. In any case, she always opened up her trove of practical knowledge and shared it with me so that I could build my own. A trusted mentor helped me acquire and use knowledge.

I’ve also often turned to conferences as a way to acquire and share knowledge. When I first started attending conferences such as CAMT, NCTM, or NCSM, I was tickled by how I could actually meet the people whose work I had been studying and using as a foundation for my own work. Listening to someone present their ideas and experiences breathes life into what you have read in their books and articles. You have the opportunity to ask them questions. Shake their hand. Take a selfie. It’s a powerful professional learning experience!

So now that we are basking in the glow of our first in-person Math Week in three fricking years (ha!), you’re probably, like me, still sorting through all the information and knowledge you picked up while in Anaheim and Los Angeles. Which brings me to the mobilization part…what will you do with that knowledge? How will you share it with colleagues? What part of your work will you revise based on what you now know?

Y’all be careful. We’ll touch base again in November.


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