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The 2020 Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture Award Winner Announced! 

Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams

NCSM is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2020 Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture Award is Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams. 

Through her research at the University of Florida, Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams has advocated for equity in mathematics education. Dr. Lott has disseminated her passionate work through academics, referred articles, books, keynote presentations, research presentations, and professional development. An example of her passion is as lead author of Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Girls in Grades K-5 (2019), where insights of the gender gap in mathematics are discussed. 

Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams influences current equity problems through publications, presentations, professional development, and mentoring. Dr. Adams focus is on supporting girls in mathematics, culturally responsive pedagogy, women in educational leadership, and increasing the number and position of African American mathematics educators.

Recently, Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams has been invited to present on equity in mathematics education as the keynote at the inaugural Women in Equation: Leading Perspectives conference, a presentation for the Build Minds Virtual Summit, and invited and highlighted sessions for NCSM, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE).

As the 2020 recipient of the Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture Award, Thomasenia will deliver the Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture titled “From the Perils of Inequity to the Champion of Equity: The Reign of Mathematical Power” at the 52nd NCSM Annual Conference in Chicago on Tuesday, March 31.

 From Samantha Wuttig, Awards Chair

We have some other wonderful reasons to celebrate!

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First Reason: The NCTM Membership and Affiliate Relations Committee (MARC) reviewed and selected the NCSM’s “NCSM Newsletter” (now the NCSM Inspiration!) for the 2020 Publication Award for outstanding journal.

Congratulations to Sandie Gilliam, Gwen Zimmerman, and our past Newsletter Editors for their work to create a premier communication tool for our members.  

Second Celebration: We  raised close to $1950.00 for the Iris Carl Travel Award using Facebook donations. We so appreciate all of the generous donations made to support this grant for first-time attendees at the NCSM Conference. 

The NCSM Winter 2019-2020 Inspiration is now available online!

You can access it HERE.
Here are some teasers for what is included in the Winter Inspiration!:
Bold Mathematics Leadership: Reflection
  •  How do we live our values?  How close is your vision of equitable instruction to your reality?  By Mona Toncheff
  • Tweeting and blogging with Marilyn Burns: Oh, the Places We’ll Go!  Marilyn shares videos and explains her classroom decisions, now in a blog and with Twitter. By Sandie Gilliam & Marilyn Burns
  • @mathedleaders. NCSM tweets. By Steven Shadel
  • NCSM Essential Actions for Principals and Building Leaders. One example from our pivotal resource. By Gwen Zimmermann 
Board Members at Work
  •  Should All Roads Lead to College Algebra? Calculus? The calls for change are getting louder and more desperate. The problems are becoming more complex with two key questions being what do we teach and at what level of rigor? How did we get here? By Connie S. Schrock

  • Reflections on NCSM Annual Conferences: Past & Future. NCSM Regional Directors (and some regional leaders) explain the best conference moments and what to look for in 2020.

  • Lessons in Mathematics Leadership – Learning from Our Past.  Steve Leinwand, NCSM President (1994–1996), is interviewed. By Bill Barnes

  • Newsletter Versus eNews: Which Tells You What?  By Sandie Gilliam & Pat Baltzley

  • Name the NCSM Newsletter Winner! 

Empower Mathematics Leaders: Connect, Learn, and Honor
  • Join us for the 52nd NCSM Annual Conference in Chicago! Connect. Collaborate. Commit. Upcoming conference news!  By Maria Everett

  • Volunteer Now to Help with our 2020 NCSM Annual Conference in Chicago. By Shawn Towle

  • Learnings from Leaders: As a leader in mathematics, in what ways do you encourage others to learn more, seek out staff development opportunities, attend conferences, and be a life-long learner? Leaders from Eastern 2, Southern 2, and Central 2 answer.

From Sandie Gilliam, NCSM Newsletter Editor

Call for Manuscripts for the NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership (JMEL)

The editors of the NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership (JMEL) are interested
in manuscripts addressing issues of social justice and equity in mathematics education which are
aligned with the NCSM Vision.

The editors are particularly interested in manuscripts that bridge research to practice in
mathematics education leadership.

Manuscripts should be relevant to our members’ roles as
leaders in mathematics education, and implications of the manuscript for leaders in mathematics
education should be significant. At least one author of the manuscript must be a current member
of NCSM.

Categories for submissions include:

  • Case studies and lessons learned from mathematics education leadership in schools,districts, states, regions, or provinces
  • Research reports with implications for mathematics education leaders
  • Professional development efforts including how these efforts are situated in the larger context of professional development and implications for leadership practice
  • Other categories that support the NCSM vision will also be considered.

Submission procedures are as follows: 
Each manuscript will be reviewed by two volunteer reviewers and a member of the editorial
panel. Manuscripts should be emailed to the Journal Editor, currently Carolyn Briles, at
[email protected].

Submissions should follow the most current edition of APA style and include:

  1. A Word file(.docx) with author information (name, title, institution, address, phone, email) and an abstract (maximum of 120 words) followed by the body of the manuscript (maximum of 12,000 words)
  2. A blinded Word file (.docx) as above but with author information and all references to authors removed.

The current issue of the JMEL and additional information about submitting for the journal can be found by HERE.

From Carolyn Briles and Brian Buckhalter, Journal co-editors

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December 2019 Message from the NCSM President, Mona Toncheff

      “If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share.”              – W. Clement Stone

When you read the quote by W. Clement Stone, what is the first thing that comes to mind? This quote can mean many things for a thankful person. Maybe it means you should share the food you have at your table with those that might not have food on their tables. Maybe it means you should share belongings you have with others; or it might mean you should share resources that you have with others in need. Perhaps what you are thankful for informs what you share.

Among other things, I am thankful for the organization, NCSM, that has impacted my professional life. I am thankful for the teachers and leaders with whom I have had the pleasure to work and have helped me grow as a leader and a person along the way. I am thankful to the students who have shaped me as a teacher. I am also thankful for the opportunity to work on a board whose vision is to guarantee that all students engage in equitable, high-quality mathematical experiences. 

Since I am truly thankful for theses varied experiences, the question becomes  what do I do? Or, perhaps the bigger question because I know how thankful you are as leaders, is what do we need to do to share and give back to the community? 

Reflection is an important this time of year as we close up the end of 2019 and start 2020. As you reflect on your successes and challenges from 2019, how might you share your learnings? 

Consider the following reflection questions:   

  • What risks have we taken this year to meet our goals?
  • How are we closer to meeting our shared vision for mathematics teaching and learning? 
  • What support and resources have we provided to teachers and teams we serve to ensure they possess the skills and knowledge needed to design and implement meaningful mathematical learning experiences for students?
  • How do we build opportunities to develop collective capacity in teachers and teams through the gathering of student evidence of mathematical learning? How do students reflect using the evidence of their learning and take action?
  • And ultimately, how does my work as a leader impact students’ mathematical understanding?

What are you thankful for and how might you share? 

I look forward to seeing you in March at the 52nd NCSM Annual Conference in Chicago, IL to collaborate and continue sharing our learning with one another.


From Mona Toncheff, NCSM president


The Major Speakers are Announced for the NCSM Annual Conference in Chicago!

What an exciting lineup there is of major speakers at the 52nd NCSM Annual Conference in Chicago March 30-April 2, 2020.

Just look at this lineup:


















[Contest Alert: The information above may just help you in a contest that is running through EMAIL BLASTS that started last Friday (12/6/19) and will continue through this week.]  


From Maria Everett, 1st Vice President


We Want YOU as a Volunteer at the NCSM Annual Conference! Please!

We need you!

A variety of opportunities are available for you to volunteer during the conference – choose at least one area that is of interest – maybe helping with bag stuffing Sunday morning, or assisting members at registration, or assisting non-members with their free one-year membership, or ticket-taking for meal functions and receptions.

Whatever your reason to volunteer, please consider helping your organization at the 52nd Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois, March 30-April 1, 2020.

We encourage everyone interested in volunteering at the conference to go online and sign-up. You can volunteer directly by clicking HERE.  Thanks in advance!

What a great way to meet new mathematics friends and help out. We love our volunteers!

For additional information, contact Shawn Towle  [[email protected]]. 


From Shawn Towle, 2nd Vice President


By the Way...Have You Registered Yet for the NCSM 2020 Annual Conference in Chicago in March? 

The 52nd NCSM Annual Conference will be held in Chicago, IL on March 30-April 1, 2020. The conference focuses on answering the question, “What are the essential actions for all mathematics leaders?” 


Online registration is now open for the conference. Information about conference fees can be found HERE.

Regular Rate: 10/26/19 - 3/6/19
Onsite Rate: 3/28/19 - 4/1/19

Click HERE to register for the conference. 

Please click HERE for additional information about the 2020 Conference. Stay tuned for spotlights on the incredible program!


From Ruth Harbin Miles, Conference Coordinator and Maria Everett, 1st Vice President  






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