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The Fall/Winter issue of the JMEL has been published and delivered to NCSM member mailboxes.

Look for the PDF version to be available HERE soon.

Additional information about submitting articles can also be found online HERE.

From Carolyn Briles and Brian Buckhalter, Journal co-editors 

The NCSM Winter 2019-2020 Inspiration is now available online!

You can access it HERE.
From Sandie Gilliam (editor) and Gwen Zimmerman (associate editor) 

The 2020 Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture Award Winner Announced! 

Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams

NCSM is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2020 Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture Award is Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams. 

Through her research at the University of Florida, Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams has advocated for equity in mathematics education. Dr. Lott has disseminated her passionate work through academics, referred articles, books, keynote presentations, research presentations, and professional development. An example of her passion is as lead author of Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Girls in Grades K-5 (2019), where insights of the gender gap in mathematics are discussed. 

Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams influences current equity problems through publications, presentations, professional development, and mentoring. Dr. Adams focus is on supporting girls in mathematics, culturally responsive pedagogy, women in educational leadership, and increasing the number and position of African American mathematics educators.

Recently, Dr. Thomasenia Lott Adams has been invited to present on equity in mathematics education as the keynote at the inaugural Women in Equation: Leading Perspectives conference, a presentation for the Build Minds Virtual Summit, and invited and highlighted sessions for NCSM, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE).

As the 2020 recipient of the Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture Award, Thomasenia will deliver the Kay Gilliland Equity Lecture titled “From the Perils of Inequity to the Champion of Equity: The Reign of Mathematical Power” at the 52nd NCSM Annual Conference in Chicago on Tuesday, March 31.

From Samantha Wuttig, Awards Chair

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January 2020 Message from the NCSM President, Mona Toncheff

      New Year, New Learning, New Intentions!

This past week, I read an article that compared the differences between New Year’s Resolutions and New Year’s Intentions. Resolutions are something we typically say we are going to stop doing or start doing. Intentions are more goal oriented and focused on the process to reach the goal, not just the end point. What if we challenge ourselves to start this new decade with a focus on intentions? Instead of just trying a new practice or stopping an old practice or strategy that isn’t productive, we, as mathematics leaders, can set new goals and learn together to meet those goals. 

So…What is your new year’s intention for leading mathematics?  What new learning will help you achieve your goal?  The year 2020 is a monumental one for NCSM with several opportunities for mathematics leaders to come and learn together. 

The first event is the NCSM 52nd Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois, March 30-April 1, 2020. We will CONNECT in Chicago, COLLABORATE during the sessions, and COMMIT to apply the new learning to strengthen our influence on student learning.  Registration information can be found HERE.

The second event is the Summer Leadership Academy June 29-July 1, 2020in Baltimore, Maryland. The academy will explore the third book on the NCSM Essential Action Series, Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education (NCSM, 2020).

This summer you can join NCSM at the Summer Leadership Academy to:

  • Learn the guiding principles and four foundational elements framework for math leadership
  • Develop a shared vision for mathematics instruction through an equity lens.
  • Learn high-leverage teaching strategies for mathematics which include culturally relevant practices.
  • Learn structures and practices to ensure a system for high quality instructional mathematics coaching. 

Watch for emails in the upcoming months with registration information. 

The third, and final, 2020 NCSM event is our special mathematics leadership event - the NCSM Bold Mathematics Leadership Summit: Mathematics Leadership: Engaging in the Essential Actions. The Summit is October 19- 21, 2020 in St. Louis, Missouri. The Summit is a new event and is not like a typical annual conference. Watch for the exciting email announcements COMING SOON regarding the event because registration is limited and will be open at the end of the month. 

2020 is here- what are your leadership intentions?  what will be your new learning?  How can NCSM join you on your learning journey?


From Mona Toncheff, NCSM president


What??!!! I can get a T-shirt as a Volunteer at the NCSM Annual Conference!

No way! Way!


What more could you want!

Not only do you get a chance to meet new NCSM friends, network with others, have fun, get a t-shirt (thanks, Casio) for volunteering!  This is exciting news!

There are variety of different ways for you to volunteer during the conference – choose at least one area that is of interest – maybe helping with bag stuffing Sunday morning, or assisting members at registration, or assisting non-members with their free one-year membership, or ticket-taking for meal functions and receptions.

Whatever your reason to volunteer, please consider helping your organization at the 52nd Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois, March 30-April 1, 2020.

We encourage everyone interested in volunteering at the conference to go online and sign-up. You can volunteer directly by clicking HERE.  Thanks in advance!

And, get a t-shirt! We love our volunteers!

For additional information, contact Shawn Towle  [[email protected]]. 


From Shawn Towle, 2nd Vice President


Register Now for the NCSM 2020 Annual Conference in Chicago in March.

Don't Miss Out on Exciting Presentations and Fabulous Networking!

The 52nd NCSM Annual Conference will be held in Chicago, IL on March 30-April 1, 2020. The conference focuses on answering the question, “What are the essential actions for all mathematics leaders?” 


Online registration is now open for the conference. Information about conference fees can be found HERE.

Regular Rate: 10/26/19 - 3/6/19
Onsite Rate: 3/28/19 - 4/1/19

Click HERE to register for the conference. 

Please click HERE for additional information about the 2020 Conference. Stay tuned for spotlights on the incredible program!


From Ruth Harbin Miles, Conference Coordinator and Maria Everett, 1st Vice President  






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