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Latest NCSM Podcast

Check out the newest NCSM Podcast in the Learning with Leaders: The Bold Mathematics Leadership series. 

In this month’s podcast, co-hosts, Mona Toncheff, NCSM President, and John SanGiovanni, Regional Director, Eastern Region 2 interview Dr. Beth Kobett and Dr. Karen Karp, the authors of Strengths-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics: Five Teaching Turnarounds for Grades K-6.

In this episode, we talk with Beth Kobett and Karen Karp about strengths-based teaching. They share thoughts about the purpose of strengths-based teaching and learning mathematics and offer advice on the actions leaders can take to become strength-spotters with those they serve.

You can listen on your favorite podcast platform using the links below.  

Call for Manuscripts for the NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership (JMEL)

The editors of the NCSM Journal of Mathematics Education Leadership (JMEL) are interested in manuscripts! The deadline for the Fall 2021 JMEL is July 1, 2021.  

The editors are particularly interested in manuscripts that bridge research to practice in mathematics education leadership. Manuscripts should be relevant to our members’ roles as leaders in mathematics education, and implications of the manuscript for leaders in mathematics
education should be significant. At least one author of the manuscript must be a current member of NCSM.

Categories for submissions include:

  • Case studies and lessons learned from mathematics education leadership in schools, districts, states, regions, or provinces
  • Research reports with implications for mathematics education leaders
  • Professional development efforts including how these efforts are situated in the larger context of professional development and implications for leadership practice
  • Other categories that support the NCSM vision will also be considered.

Submission Procedures

Each manuscript will be reviewed by two volunteer reviewers and a member of the editorial panel.

Manuscripts should be emailed to the Journal Editors, currently Drs. Brian Buckhalter and Erin Lehmann, at [email protected].

Information for Authors and Reviewers can be found HERE.

From Brian Buckhalter and Erin Lehmann, NCSM Journal Editors

Summer 2021 NCSM Inspiration! is Available Online for NCSM Members

Members can access the Summer 2021 NCSM Inspiration! as well as archived editions HERE.

From Gwen Zimmerman and Kim Romain, NCSM Inspiration! Editors

Call for NCSM Inspiration! Articles

The editors of the Inspiration! are seeking articles.


As math-ed leaders, what inspiring words do you have that you'd like to share about: technology, coaching, district leadership, and mathematics?

Deadlines for upcoming submissions are July 1st for the Fall 2021 issue, and September 1st, for the Winter Edition.

Please send inquiries or offers to [email protected] and [email protected].

From Gwen Zimmerman and Kim Romain, NCSM Inspiration! Editors

Become Active with NCSM - Volunteer!

Sign up to volunteer!  There are many different opportunities to become involved with NCSM!

Click HERE for more information and to sign up.  THANK YOU!

From Kris Cunningham, NCSM Membership and Volunteer Coordinator


Item 1: The 2021 Early Math Symposium Registration is Now Open!

Join Us for a Free Virtual Symposium!

Friday, June 25, 2021

8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. PACIFIC time

Maintaining Mathematical Momentum


This event is open to all - please share this announcement with others! Register HERE.

Speakers will include:

  • Dr. Megan Franke – Supporting the Mathematical Brilliance of Young People
  • Dr. Brian L. Wright – Creating Identity Safe Learning Environments for Black Boys in the Early Grades and Who Are Our Community Helpers? Black Boys and Policing

  • Dr. Jo Boaler – Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead, & Live without Barriers
  • Brook Williams and Scott Nielsen – Do You Really Remember How to Count?
  • Bev Ford and Aileen Rizo – STEAM Stories with Bricks
  • Stuart J. Murphy – Social Emotional Skills = Successful Math Learners
  • The Exploratorium – Story Time + Tinkering
  • The Discovery Source – The Language of STEM
  • Tracy Johnson – ALL in the Family: Infusing Math Experiences in the Daily Life of Infants and Toddlers

  • Dr. Matilda Soria and Barbara Daniel – Engaging Families in Early Math: Explorations at Home, School, and Beyond
  • Jon Dueck – At Home or School: Math and Science
  • Dr. Osnat Zur and Sophie Savelkouls – Watching M5 in Action: Five Core Early Math Teaching Practices
  • The Early Math Project – Turn Up the STEAM: Family Engagement
Also Join Us for Hands on Fun with the AIMS Center:
  • Exploring Geometry and Art with Bubbles (Elin Anderson and Aileen Rizo)
  • Paper Engineering Magic (Steve Pauls and Elin Anderson)
Learn, play, grow, and interact with an international audience of your peers.   

Attendance certificates will be available for those attending the event, through a private link available near the end of the day.

Optional: you can earn 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) from Fresno Pacific University for $80. Look for the link on the registration page.

Generously sponsored by:

 AIMS Center for Math and Science Education and First 5 California


Item 2: Want more of the Marshall Memos?

Kim Marshall and his co-author, Jenn David-Lang have launched a website making the two Best of Marshall Memo books freely available. You can access them HERE.

When you click any of the 22 topic bubbles, you'll see a brief overview, key questions, the table of contents, and a number of options, including (after free sign-in) downloading a PDF of the full chapter, listening to an audio recording, and joining a discussion thread.


Item 3: Call for Nominations for AMS Prizes and Awards


Celebrate excellence in mathematics scholarship, education, and outreach by nominating colleagues for upcoming prizes and awards. Nominations are open through June 30, 2021. Winners will be recognized at the 2022 Joint Mathematics Meetings in January.

The AMS is proud to announce two new prizes. The Ciprian Foias Prize in Operator Theory will be awarded every three years beginning in January 2022. The prize will recognize notable work in operator theory published during the preceding six years. Ciprian Foias (1933-2020) was an influential scholar in operator theory and fluid mechanics, a generous mentor, and an enthusiastic advocate of the mathematical community. His colleagues and friends established the prize in his memory.

The AMS-EMS Mikhail Gordin Prize will be awarded every four years beginning in January 2022. It will recognize a mathematician working in probability or dynamical systems, with preference given to early-career mathematicians from or professionally connected to an Eastern European country. The prize honors the memory of Mikhail Gordin (1944-2015), an expert in probability theory from St. Petersburg, and the tradition of the mathematics of Eastern Europe.

The current nomination cycle includes five other AMS prizes that honor accomplishments in mathematical research and exposition:

  • Chevalley Prize in Lie Theory: Given for notable work in Lie theory published in the last six years.
  • Levi L. Conant Prize: Recognizes the best expository paper published in either Notices of the AMS or Bulletin of the AMS in the last five years.
  • E. H. Moore Research Article Prize: Given for an outstanding research article that has appeared in one of the Society’s primary research journals (Journal of the AMSProceedings of the AMSTransactions of the AMSMemoirs of the AMSMathematics of ComputationElectronic Journal of Conformal Geometry and Dynamics, and Electronic Journal of Representation Theory) during the six calendar years ending a full year before the meeting at which the prize is awarded.
  • David P. Robbins Prize: Awarded for a paper that reports on novel research on a broadly accessible topic in algebra, combinatorics, or discrete mathematics with a significant experimental component. The paper should provide a simple statement of the problem and clear exposition of the work and must have been published in the last six calendar years,
  • Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry: Recognizes a notable research work in geometry or topology that has appeared in the last six years.

In addition, the AMS is seeking nominations for awards that highlight outstanding service to the mathematics community through education, outreach, and other contributions to the profession.

  • Award for an Exemplary Program or Achievement in a Mathematics Department: Recognizes a department which has distinguished itself by undertaking an unusual or particularly effective program of value to the mathematics community, internally or in relation to the rest of society.
  • Award for Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics: Honors a mathematician (or group of mathematicians) who has made significant contributions of lasting value to mathematics education.
  • Mathematics Programs that Make a Difference: Awarded to outstanding programs that have successfully addressed the issues of underrepresented groups in mathematics, such as racial and ethnic minorities, women, low-income students, and first-generation college students.
  • Award for Distinguished Public Service: Given to a research mathematician who has made recent or sustained distinguished contributions to the mathematics profession through public service.

Finally, nominations are open for two prizes presented jointly by the AMS and other mathematical societies:

  • Norbert Wiener Prize in Applied Mathematics (AMS-SIAM): Awarded for an outstanding contribution to applied mathematics in the highest and broadest sense.
  • Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research by an Undergraduate Student (AMS-MAA-SIAM): Honors an undergraduate student (or students for joint work) for outstanding research in mathematics.

Read more about each prize and award. If you know a colleague, student, mentor, or department who is deserving of any of these accolades, we encourage you to nominate them for consideration. If you have any questions about the nomination processes, please contact the AMS Secretary.  


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They can be reached at:

Ronni David   [email protected] 

Tom Stricklin   [email protected]

Additional information about our Sponsors, other advertising opportunities, and becoming a Sponsor can be found HERE.

From Ronni David and Tom Stricklin, NCSM Sponsor Liaisons

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Mona Toncheff                     Paul D. Gray, Jr., Ed.D.

June 2021 Message from the NCSM President, Mona Toncheff, and the NCSM President-Elect, Paul Gray

Celebrating Pride Month

NCSM’s Mission includes a commitment to “equip and empower a diverse education community to engage in leadership that supports, sustains, and inspires high quality mathematics teaching and learning every day for each and every learner.” Such leadership requires attention to each and every student as well as the mathematics educators and leaders we serve.

The month of June highlights a time for NCSM to live its mission. On June 28, 1969, the Stonewall riots occurred in Greenwich Village in New York. Historians record these riots as the beginning of the gay/lesbian rights movement. So, each June, the United States commemorates Stonewall during what has become known as “Pride Month.”  According to the Trevor Project, LGBTQ+ youth are 5 times as likely to attempt suicide as their cisgender heterosexual peers. Five times! Yet, in some parts of the country, LGBTQ+ teachers continue to face employment discrimination or threats of discrimination that force them to hide essential parts of their identity from their colleagues and their students.

As mathematics leaders, we strive to develop positive mathematical identities in the students and teachers we serve. Below is an excerpt from the Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education (2020, p. 73) that defines a mathematics identity and its connection to other key identities held.

Mathematics identity is defined as the dispositions and deeply held beliefs that students develop about their ability to participate and perform effectively in mathematical contexts (Aguirre, Martin, & Mayfield-Ingram, 2013). Teachers, peers, and parents can all exert an influence on the mathematics identities that students develop. A key consideration about mathematics identities is that they are strongly connected with the other identities that students construct and view as important in their lives, including their racial, gender, language, cultural, ethnic, family, faith, and academic identities (Aguirre et al., 2013).

The NCSM Board recognizes one’s own mathematical identity, and the other identities one holds, may or may not always be visible, which is something we want to be aware of when striving to develop positive mathematical identities for all learners we serve. Diversity has many faces and beliefs. Since one’s ethnicity and/or sexual orientation may not be visible, it is our responsibility as leaders to honor diversity, to listen to the individual stories and to learn from each other. The key to developing productive mathematical identities is understanding their connectedness to other constructed identities, both visible and not visible.

In celebration of Pride Month, the NCSM leadership will continue to look for ways to support LGBTQ+ teachers and students and BIPOC that align with its Mission and Vision. Mathematics leaders must be aware of diverse lived experiences when advocating for each and every learner. 

  • When we focus on relationship building, are we taking time to understand the fuller picture of each student’s and teacher’s identity? Are we creating a safe space for students and teachers to acknowledge non-white, non-heterosexual, non-cisgender components of their identities?

  • When we select historical figures to spotlight for their mathematical accomplishments, are we regularly including a range of people with varying identities, for example, African Americans such as Dr. Katherine Johnson or gay men such as Alan Turing?

  • When creating operational committees, task forces, and writing teams, NCSM commits to including a range of lived experiences so that multiple perspectives may be included in the resulting work. How might you volunteer your time to these teams? How might you replicate such consideration when creating work teams in your school, district, university, or organization?

The path forward to grow mathematics teaching and learning in schools, districts, states and provinces for each and every teacher and student involves all of us. We are stronger when we work together in a spirit of learning. We are stronger when we honor and respect each other. We are stronger when we advocate for one another. NCSM looks forward to strengthening its support and partnership with mathematics leaders like you in the journey ahead.


From Mona Toncheff, NCSM president, and Paul Gray, NCSM President-Elect


NCSM. (2020). Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education. Englewood, CO: Author.


New NCSM Affiliate is Announced - Welcome to the Family!

We are very excited to add a new member to the NCSM Affiliate Family! Joining our 41 established affiliate groups is:

  • Virginia Council for Mathematics Supervision President: Shelly Pine and NCSM Representative Kimberly Bender

Welcome to the NCSM Family!

If you are part of a mathematics leadership group and are interested in finding out more about becoming an affiliate, please contact Jacob Sisson ([email protected]), Affiliates Groups Chair.  

To renew or become a new affiliate member, complete the online NCSM Affiliate application, click here

Benefits of Affiliate Membership:

  • A connection to an established international organization for mathematics leaders.

  • The president of the Affiliate group will receive the NCSM e-newsletter for distribution to members.

  • Links to your website/Moodle from an Affiliates' page on the NCSM website.

  • Opportunities to participate in NCSM professional development activities.

  • Assistance from your Regional Director.

  • Contacts to NCSM members and speakers.

  • Two/Three NCSM President/Affiliates Coordinator verbal connections with your organization's president / NCSM contact

  • E blasts sent by the NCSM office on your organization's behalf promoting your events to NCSM members in your area

  • NCSM will send out information about your organizations events and awards through Twitter/Facebook

  • Annual conference registration discount for NCSM affiliate leader president/affiliate designated person

  • Affiliate Leaders meeting at Annual Conference

  • Connection with other Affiliate Leaders via NCSM Affiliate Leaders Google Community


From Jacob Sisson, NCSM Affiliate Coordinator


Consider Applying for the Iris Carl Travel Grant - Applications due by Thursday, July 1st

You or your new math colleague may be eligible for the Iris Carl Travel Grant to attend the upcoming NCSM 53rd Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

An Iris Carl Travel Grant applicant:

  • Was a member of NCSM by or on October 1, 2020.

  • Has not been able to attend an NCSM Annual Conference for the past three years.

  • Serves in a leadership role in mathematics education in her/his school, district, state, province, or some other capacity.


Beginning with the 2021 Annual Conference, one Iris Carl Grant award will be reserved to support someone who:

  • Lives or works in the state in which the NCSM conference is located (this year, the annual conference is in Atlanta, Georgia, so this applies to eligible members who live or work in Georgia). 

  • Has a track record of providing equitable mathematical experiences for students from marginalized groups and/or works within the local community and/or local education community to make connections between school and community members with a focus on empowering students, families, and members of the local community to take action regarding social justice. 

  • Priority will be given to applicants from traditionally underrepresented populations. NCSM encourages all eligible applicants, including Black, Indigenous, and people of color, to apply.

Iris M. Carl

Iris Carl 

NCSM honors Iris Carl, NCSM Past President, Glenn Gilbert Awardee, and International Leader, through the NCSM Iris Carl Travel Grant. This grant gives support to mathematics educators and future leaders in mathematics education to attend an NCSM Annual Conference, thus supporting the NCSM vision of a cadre of well trained, broadly informed and perceptive leaders of mathematics education at all levels. NCSM cares greatly about young members and wants them to become the very best leaders they can be.

A grant of a maximum of $1,200 will be awarded to the recipient. The Iris Carl Grant may be used for transportation, lodging (maximum of three nights), and meals (excluding those covered by conference registration) as necessary for conference attendance.

The grant also includes a waiver for registration for the NCSM Annual Conference. Those receiving grants will be required to submit a report of their conference experience and a completed funds reimbursement form. The NCSM Awards Chair will provide forms and instructions directly to grant recipients. Grantees will be notified by July 31, 2021.

Applications are still open to attend the annual conference. Visit HERE for more information and to apply!

The deadline is Thursday, July 1st!


From Samantha Wuttig, NCSM Awards Chair


Join us in Atlanta for the 53rd NCSM Annual Conference

 2021 Atlanta Logo 

September 20-22, 2021

7:00 am Monday – 5:00 pm Wednesday

Atlanta, GA

Online registration is open. Onsite registration will be available starting on Sunday, September 19, at 2pm at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis.

You can view all sessions HERE. Search by Strand, by Speaker, by Day, by Audience...have some fun looking for those special bold leadership sessions that you just have to go to!

Our 2021 Keynote Speaker is Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings.

Check out all the speakers. There is quite a line-up of Major and Spotlight Speakers. We are sure you will find your favorite BOLD LEADER in the line-up. Or, you might plan to meet a new favorite one!

Consider registering for and attending one of the two Pre-Conference Sessions happening on Sunday, September 19, 2021, 1-4PM.

  • Session 1: Amplify Bold Mathematics Leaders: Coaching as a Vehicle to Influence Change

    Presented by: Georgina Rivera and Jenny Novak, NCSM Professional Learning Directors

  • Session 2: NCSM Essential Actions for Site-based Leaders

    Presented by: Bill Barnes, Erin Lehmann, Denise Trakas, and Gwen Zimmermann

Hybrid/Virtual Conference Plan 

For those unable to attend the full in-person conference, we will use an online, virtual platform to live stream the keynote, major, and spotlight sessions to all hybrid/virtual attendees. Additional information about this hybrid option will be available soon.

Complete conference information is available HERE. We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!


 Thank you to our conference elite sponsors!

Texas Instruments Logo


Casio Logo              


From Ruth Harbin Miles, Conference Coordinator, and Shawn Towle, First Vice-President


Consider Volunteering During the Annual Conference in Atlanta

If you are interested in volunteering during the NCSM Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA September 20-22, 2021, sign up by clicking HERE.

This is a fun way to meet fellow bold math leaders, play a critical role in supporting the conference, get a t-shirt!


From Sharon Rendon, Second Vice-President


Registration is Closing Soon for the Virtual Summer Leadership Academy

June 28-30, 2021

Ensuring Equitable Practices through BOLD Mathematics Leadership

The virtual 2021 SLA will run from 11:00am-5:00pm EDT for the first two days and will end at 4:15pm EDT on the 30th.

We will address the essential question: How will we ensure equitable practices through instructional leadership and coaching in order to improve student access and achievement in mathematics?

For students – How will we Advocate for equitable practices to increase student access and  achievement for each and every learner? 

For teachers – How will we Empower teachers to leverage a shared vision focused on equity for  mathematics instruction and build collective efficacy with content and pedagogical  knowledge? 

For leaders – How will we Design, implement, and Monitor structures to ensure equitable  practices at the classroom, school, and systemic levels through instructional leadership and  coaching? 

For All – How do we challenge unproductive beliefs in order to strengthen student identities  and improve student outcomes. 

Join us as an individual or bring your team to expand your professional learning network while working virtually using the wealth of materials provided to develop a strategic plan personalized to your vision for math instruction and coaching.

Mathematics leaders will leave equipped to develop a shared vision for mathematics instruction, implement high leverage teaching strategies, develop coaching structures, and monitor student learning for ALL students through an equity lens. If you are a teacher leader, coach, department chair, administrator or supervisor, you won’t want to miss out on these three days of learning!  

NOTE: Space is limited for the 2021 NCSM Virtual Summer Leadership Academy. The first 100 registrants will receive a swag box with gifts from NSCM and our sponsors. 

For more details about the Summer Leadership Academy, click HERE. 

To register online, click HERE 

For a view of the agenda for the three days, click HERE.


 Thank you to our Leadership Academy Sponsor!

From Gina Rivera and Jenny Novak, NCSM Professional Learning Directors 


NCSM...Where Mathematics Leaders Go To Learn...

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When you become an NCSM member, you join a network of leaders in mathematics education from around the United States, Canada, and abroad, which works to ensure every student in every classroom has access to effective mathematics teachers, relevant curricula, culturally responsive pedagogy, and current technology.



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