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For our members - Coming Soon: The third book in the Leadership series and a new NCSM Position Paper

The third book in the Leadership series, Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education, will be available for purchase soon. More information will be available soon as to when and how these purchases can be made. 

Here is what one of the reviewers shared about the book:

From the NCSM Board


NCSM's newest position paperDetracking Mathematics in Middle and High school, will be posted soon on the NCSM website.

Click HERE to check on its availability. Notification will be provided when it is posted to the website. 

From Shelly Jones, NCSM Position Papers Editor

Mark Your Calendars and Join us in St. Louis for the 202 NCSM Bold Leadership Summit October 19-21,2020  

This will be an event to move Mathematics Leaders beyond defining the issues and problems facing us, toward taking bold actions to improve the mathematics education of our students. It is different than any event NCSM has ever hosted. You will not want to miss it.

This summit goes beyond simply listening to speakers. There will be multiple special features including Design time, You do You time, Question and Answer sessions, opportunities for you and your team to share ideas and learning, with an unconference and much more. We will start at 8:00 AM on Monday, October 19, 2020 with the keynote and close with another closing keynote speaker and end at noon on October 21, 2020.

The summit is an exclusive event and there is a limit to the number of participants that can attend. We expect that the registration will fill before the event and there will be no onsite registration. We have a reduced rate for bringing a team and a team is as four or more people. You decide on the composition of the team.

Registration is open and available by clicking HERE.

The host hotel is the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Arch. Make your reservation directly at the hotel by clicking HERE.

Additional Information is available HERE.

The NCSM Spring 2020 Inspiration! is now available online for all NCSM members

You can access it HERE or through your member log-in access.

Here are some teasers for what is included in the Spring Inspiration!:
Bold Mathematics Leadership: Reflection
  • THE POWER OF EMPOWER. What makes you feel empowered as a mathematics leader? By Mona Toncheff
  • PRINCIPAL IN A FOREIGN CLASSROOM. Overcoming the challenges that elementary school administrators face when giving feedback in the subject they feel the least comfortable teaching. By Cassie Gannett
  • BRANCHING OUT: REDESIGNING HIGH SCHOOL MATH PATHWAYS FOR EQUITY. How is the traditional mathematics pipeline preparing ALL students? What needs to be thought through and considered? By Phil Daro and Harold Asturias

Board Members at Work

  • THE ROADS TRAVELLED IN LEADERSHIP PURSUITS. NCSM Regional Directors (and some members) reflect on their own pathways and where they lead.

  • DO YOU NEED A HUDDLE? We’ve heard about huddles in football, but where are the huddles in mathematics leadership? By Connie S. Schrock 



Empower Mathematics Leaders: Connect, Learn, and Honor

  • 2020 NCSM CONFERENCE SPEAKERS. Featured speaker, Deborah Loewenberg Ball, and the series of Spotlight Speakers are highlighted. By Maria Everett

  • LEADERSHIP EXCHANGE. Leadership Exchange is an opportunity for NCSM members to engage some of our major and spotlight speakers at the conference in casual conversations about issues of importance to mathematics leaders. Who will be there? By Shawn Towle



  • LEARNINGS FROM LEADERS. As a leader in mathematics, describe your one or two greatest challenges and/or frustrations this year, so far. What approaches are you taking/did you take to tackle them? Where do these issues currently stand? Leaders from Southern 1, Canada, and Western 2 answer.

  • NCSM BOLD LEADERSHIP SUMMIT. Past President Connie Schrock shares the what, when, where, and why of the NCSM Bold Leadership Summit.


 From Sandie Gilliam and Gwen Zimmerman, NCSM Inspiration! co-Editors

Of interest to our members:

Webinar Series - Illustrating the Impact of the Mathematical Sciences 

The mathematical sciences play a critical role in advancing crucial innovations and improving our prosperity, health, and security.
Join the National Academies for a series of webinars featuring mathematicians telling the most important stories of how math
has made an impact, from tra c simulations to personalized medicine.
All webinars take place on Tuesdays from 3-4pm ET.
  • March 17, 2020: Keeping the Internet Safe
  • March 24, 2020: Understanding Uncertainty
  • March 31, 2020: Computed Commutes
  • April 7, 2020: Climate and Weather
  • April 14, 2020: Smart Materials
  • April 21, 2020: Personalized Medicine
  • April 28, 2020: Leveraging Data Through Mathematics
Learn more and register to attend by clicking HERE. Past webinars in this series are also available at that link.

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March 2020 Message from the NCSM President, Mona Toncheff


“The healthiest response to life is joy.” - Mark Twain


This is the second version of the March Insider I have written this month. I like to get ahead of timelines, and the original version was filled with excitement as we approached the two-week countdown to the 52nd Annual Conference. However, with the unforeseen changes over the last few weeks across the country, NCSM had to cancel its premiere mathematics leadership event in Chicago, Illinois.

On my unexpected plane flight home Thursday, I needed time to reflect on the changes that occurred over the week, time to process the impact of cancelling NCSM’s annual conference, and time to make sense of my feelings. On the first leg of the flight, I just started journaling my thinking. Below is my reflection that I shared on Facebook.

This week is going to be remembered for many reasons in the future. The news was ever changing and full of highs and lows. However, I will remember that this week is when the NCSM board had to make an incredibly difficult and heart-wrenching decision!  I will remember the sadness of not being able to see my mathematics family and friends that I only see during the “math week” of the year. I will remember the news and the despair as I walked through a school today that was notified at noon that they would be closing for the next two weeks. There was a sense of uncertainty in the air. 

However, tonight, I want to remember something different. I want to remember the countless hours the NCSM conference committee volunteered this past year to build an exceptional conference program. I want to remember the feeling of anticipation to share the newest NCSM resources as I read the final proof of the latest book in the NCSM Essential Action Series and the newest position statement on Detracking. I want to remember the excitement on social media as the speakers were posting their “I am a speaker” badge. I want to remember the sponsors and exhibitors that continue to support NCSM. I want to remember the passion and energy of the volunteers that lead this organization.

I will not pretend that the last few weeks were a walk in the park. However, tonight I choose to remember the joy!

We all need time to process how we are feeling with the events of the world and their effect on our daily lives. In that reflection, while there is disappointment with not being able to convene at the annual conference, let’s also remember the joy. Let’s celebrate the work of the NCSM conference committee and Program Chair. They dedicated countless hours to put together a program to ensure mathematics leaders could Connect. Collaborate and Commit to increased student learning. Let’s appreciate the speakers willingness to share their expertise for the betterment of the mathematics leadership community. Let’s thank the NCSM board and volunteers who worked diligently on the NCSM initiatives and projects to unveil  at the annual conference. Let’s acknowledge and celebrate our beloved sponsors who gave freely of their resources to support the mathematics leadership community.

Thinking of all of the people and sponsors who worked so tirelessly to create an incredible annual conference are the thoughts that bring a smile to my face. Thinking of those of you coming to attend and contribute to NCSM’s mathematics leadership network brings me joy. Thank you to each and every one of you for your work in the past and your continued work in the future – for being bold as you grow the mathematics learning of students.

The quote from Mark Twain resonated with me as I sat down to write my message for this NCSM Insider and I hope it will inspire you too.

How will you choose joy in the next few weeks?  


From Mona Toncheff, NCSM president


SAVE THE DATE: Registration to open soon for the Summer Leadership Academy June 29-July 1, 2020 in Baltimore!

Mathematics Leaders: Agents of Change for ALL Learners

Vision. Influence. Action.


Our next professional learning opportunity is right around the corner! We would love to see you at the annual NCSM Summer Leadership Academy June 29-July 1, 2020 in Baltimore, Maryland at the Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel, 300 South Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Are you ready to make a real difference in the teaching and learning of mathematics for each and every learner?  Bold mathematics leadership and coaching is recognized as one of the most powerful ways to build teacher capacity and increase student learning outcomes. The academy will explore the third book on the NCSM Essential Action Series, Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education (NCSM, 2020). Registration includes a copy of this resource. 

To meet the vision of all students learning mathematics at high levels, understanding the framework for leadership and leading strong mathematics coaching programs is key.  

Join us this summer to:

  • EMPOWER mathematics leaders and teachers using the guiding principles and four foundational elements of the Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education 

  • DESIGN a shared vision for mathematics instruction through an equity lens

  • ADVOCATE for high leverage teaching strategies for mathematics including culturally relevant practices

  • MONITOR and learn practices to ensure a system for coaching to build collective efficacy   

If you are a teacher leader, coach, department chair, administrator or supervisor you won’t want to miss out on these three days of learning!

NOTE: The 2020 NCSM Summer Leadership Academy registration will be limited based on available space. Notice of when REGISTRATION opens will be sent out via email blast. Or, check HERE for updated information.


From Gina Rivera and Jackie Palmquist, NCSM Professional Learning Co-Directors


Affiliate Members - Time to Renew

It is time to renew NCSM Affiliate Memberships. Affiliates can now renew memberships online! To renew your affiliate membership online click here

Benefits of Affiliate Membership:

  • A connection to an established international organization for mathematics leaders.
  • The president of the Affiliate group will receive the NCSM e-newsletter for distribution to members.
  • Links to your website/Moodle from an Affiliates' page on the NCSM website.
  • Opportunities to participate in NCSM professional development activities.
  • Assistance from your Regional Director.
  • Contacts to NCSM members and speakers.
  • Two/Three NCSM President/Affiliates Coordinator verbal connections with your organization's president / NCSM contact
  • E blasts sent by the NCSM office on your organization's behalf promoting your events to NCSM members in your area
  • NCSM will send out information about your organizations events and awards through Twitter/Facebook
  • Annual conference registration discount for NCSM affiliate leader president/affiliate designated person
  • Affiliate Leaders meeting at Annual Conference
  • Connection with other Affiliate Leaders via NCSM Affiliate Leaders Google Community


From the NCSM Board


A Big Thank You to Our Generous 2019-2020 Sponsors

Meed Our Sponsors

We highly value the relationship we have forged with sponsor organizations and companies over the years. They share our passion for mathematics education and each of their educational visions complements NCSM's mission and vision for mathematics education leadership.

On behalf of NCSM members, we thank our sponsors for their generous contributions.

For more information on our 2019-2020 sponsors, click HERE.

For more information on the NCSM sponsor opportunities click HERE.


From Jeannie Toshima and Ronni David, Sponsor Liaisons


Sponsors: Interested in a Sponsor Opportunity for the Fall 2020 NCSM Bold Leadership Summit?

We are currently looking for sponsor partners for the St. Louis Bold Leadership Summit in the Fall 2020.

If you are interested in a St. Louis sponsorship, please contact Ronni David at [email protected].

Or you can find additional information HERE.






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