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2020 VIRTUAL Summer Leadership Academy June 29-July 1, 2020!

Mathematics Leaders: Agents of Change for ALL Learners

Vision. Influence. Action.

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Our next professional learning opportunity is June 29 - July 1, 2020 online for our first ever virtual summer leadership academy! Very exciting!

The agenda for Monday and Tuesday will go from 11:00am (EDT) to 5:00pm (EDT) and for Wednesday from 11:00am (EDT) to 3:45pm (EDT). The details of the agenda for each day can be found HERE.

Registration Fees

Individual Rate
NCSM Member $99
Non-Member $149

Team Rate (a team is three or more people)
NCSM Member $90
Non-Member $134

Register HERE for the virtual 2020 Summer Leadership Academy.

If you are a teacher leader, coach, department chair, administrator or supervisor you won’t want to miss out on these three days of learning! Join us this summer to:

  • EMPOWER mathematics leaders and teachers using the guiding principles and four foundational elements of the Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education 

  • DESIGN a shared vision for mathematics instruction through an equity lens

  • ADVOCATE for high leverage teaching strategies for mathematics including culturally relevant practices

  • MONITOR and learn practices to ensure a system for coaching to build collective efficacy

Registration includes the following resources:

  • NCSM Essential Actions: Framework for Leadership in Mathematics Education
  • PDF of the materials needed for the three days of learning

Check HERE for additional information about the Summer Leadership Academy.

From Gina Rivera and Jenny Novak, NCSM Professional Learning Co-Directors

NCSM's newest position paper, Detracking Mathematics in Middle and High school, is available HERE for all NCSM members

As bold math leaders, we must take a stand! 

NCSM Leadership in Mathematics Education, believes that all students should have access to high quality instruction and post-secondary educational opportunities. While we acknowledge that many factors hinder such student access, in this position statement we call for the cessation of one clear, addressable factor: the practice of tracking.

As a practice, tracking too often leads to segregation, dead end pathways, and low quality experiences, and disproportionately has a negative impact on minority and low-socioeconomic students. In light of this, NCSM calls instead for detracked, heterogeneous mathematics instruction through early high school, after which students may be well-served by separate curricular pathways that all lead to viable, post-secondary options.

We hope that you read and discuss this important position paper with colleagues.

From Shelly Jones, NCSM Position Papers Editor

Sponsors: Interested in a Sponsor Opportunity for the Fall 2020 NCSM Bold Leadership Summit?

We are currently looking for sponsor partners for the St. Louis Bold Leadership Summit in the Fall 2020.

If you are interested in a St. Louis sponsorship, please contact Ronni David at [email protected].

Or you can find additional information HERE.

From Ronni David and Tom Stricklin, NCSM Sponsor Liaisons

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May 2020 Message from the NCSM President, Mona Toncheff

Mathematics leaders are always willing to try new things to support those that we serve. And I know the stresses this can bring. Recently, due to the pandemic and shift in instruction, I have found myself in front of a computer screen for far too long each day and have realized I have missed reading. Despite not really liking podcasts in the past and being reluctant to try something else new, I decided to try a podcast this past week by one of my favorite authors, Brené Brown.

Her first podcast did not disappoint. The title of the podcast is FFT, which is a strategy to handle staying strong in tough first times versus shutting down. You have to listen to the podcast to get more details about what the acronym FFT means. 

For this purpose of this article, I am going to call the strategy TFT, which stands for Tough First Times. Due to the current pandemic, we are all probably dealing with several TFTs right now, personally and professionally. So how do we best handle these tough times?

Brené states that there are three parts to the TFT strategy:

  1. Normalize the tough time by naming the challenge.
  2. Think through the challenge and put it in perspective
  3. Reality check our expectations.

As we manage our TFTs, we have to name the tough times, put the challenge in perspective and stay focused on reality. NCSM has done just that. We have a summer leadership academy scheduled at the end of June when we had all hoped to gather in Baltimore to grow and learn together. The challenge is that most likely, no one will be able to fly or even gather in a room of 10 or more participants at the end of June in Baltimore.

When we put this in perspective, the question became:  how can we still learn and grow together without the ability to be in the same room? We reality checked our expectations and decided that NCSM will offer its first Virtual Summer Leadership Academy. It will still be held on the same three dates, June 29-July 1, and the professional learning directors have an amazing agenda planned for the three days. Registration and details about the three days can be found HERE. See the article to the left for additional information as well.

As the school year closes, I hope you can think about your challenging times as an opportunity to grow, be brave and know you are vital to each and every one you serve.  


From Mona Toncheff, NCSM president


Spring NCSM Inspiration! now online

As the Inspiration! editors watching and listening to what’s happening all over this world, and seeing and hearing reactions from educators and parents about their new reality, we asked authors for articles to inspire and help us get ready. Are you prepared?


In this issue, NCSM provides ideas and resources to help you think about and plan for school during a pandemic. Don’t miss this different issue of the NCSM Inspiration: Leading During a Pandemic!

Bold Mathematics Leadership: Reflections on/Ideas for Leading During These Critical Times

  • Continuing to lead… Even on an uncharted path. By Mona Toncheff
  • Bold leadership in a time of crisis. By Connie S. Schrock
  • Connection before Content—Mindfulness before Management. Social Emotional Learning and relationship-centered teaching are needed to survive and thrive in our pandemic situation. By Christina Lincoln-Moore
  • Suddenly, It’s ALL Online: Teaching During a Pandemic. I don’t know how you felt those first few weeks of this COVID-19 teaching crisis, but I felt like they were the longest year ever! How one district adjusted to online teaching. By Kim Romain
  • Some considerations for ensuring access and equity for students through virtual instruction. By Michael Greenlee
  • Raspberry Pi STEM Projects. Using a $35 credit card-sized desktop computer to explore and create. By Larry Gilliam & Tim Hayden
  • Mathematical Beauty in Strange Places. By Paul Gray, Jr.

 Board Members at Work

  • Summer Leadership Academy: Reflection from Madison, Wisconsin and Anticipation for Baltimore, Maryland. By Jackie Palmquist and Gina Rivera
  • Lessons in Leadership: Learning from Our Past. A conversation with John Staley. By Bill Barnes 

Empower Mathematics Leaders: Connect, Learn, and Honor

  • Recent Resources. Regional Directors explore the newest NCSM publications and review the virtual conference.
  • 2020 NCSM Virtual Conference: Connect. Collaborate. Commit. By Maria Everett
  • Learnings from LeadersAs a leader in mathematics, fully describe ONE thing you are most proud of tackling, pushing forward, and accomplishing this school year. Leaders from Central 1, Western 1, and Eastern 1 answer.
  • Don’t Forget to Register for NCSM Leadership Summit!  By Connie S. Schrock

The NCSM Inspiration! is available to all members and can be found HERE along with the latest issue of the NCSM Journal. 


From Sandie Gilliam, Gwen Zimmerman, and Kim Romain, NCSM Inspiration! co-editors


Join us in St. Louis for the 2020 NCSM Bold Leadership Summit, October 19-21, 2020


This will be an event to move Mathematics Leaders beyond defining the issues and problems facing us, toward taking bold actions to improve the mathematics education of our students. It is different than any event NCSM has ever hosted.

You will not want to miss it!

This summit goes beyond simply listening to speakers. There will be multiple special features including Design time, You do You time, Question and Answer sessions, opportunities for you and your team to share ideas and learning, with an unconference and much more.

We will start at 8:00 AM on Monday, October 19, 2020 with the keynote and close with another closing keynote speaker and end at noon on October 21, 2020.

The summit is an exclusive event and there is a limit to the number of participants that can attend. We expect that the registration will fill before the event and there will be no onsite registration. We have a reduced rate for bringing a team and a team is as four or more people. You decide on the composition of the team.

Registration is open and available by clicking HERE.

The host hotel is the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Arch. Make your reservation directly at the hotel by clicking HERE.

Additional Information is available HERE.


From Connie Schrock, Summit Coordinator



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